Seven Michigan counties to see improvements with Transportation Enhancement grants

Contact: Jeff Cranson, MDOT Director of Communications, 517-335-3084
Agency: Transportation

January 13, 2012 -- The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) today awarded federal Transportation Enhancement (TE) grants for eight projects in seven Michigan counties. The projects will construct 8 miles of bicycle path and paved shoulders for bicyclists and pedestrians and make streetscape improvements to four downtown areas, improving business districts by enhancing safety, walkability, aesthetics, and community and economic development.

"These projects improve quality of life and have positive, long-term effects on a community," said State Transportation Director Kirk T. Steudle. "MDOT is pleased to partner on transportation enhancement projects that will help Michigan communities attract residents and businesses."

Under federal law, 10 percent of federal surface transportation funds are set aside for TE projects. Administered by MDOT, the grants enable communities to invest in projects such as streetscapes and nonmotorized trails. TE funds provide a maximum of 80 percent of the money required for each project, with the remainder coming from state and local government and the private sector.

Following are the projects, listed by county:

Allegan County

MDOT, in partnership with the city of Plainwell, will make streetscape improvements along M-89 from the Mill Race Bridge through the downtown area to the M-89 bridge over the eastern branch of the Kalamazoo River. Streetscape improvements also will be made on South Main Street and North Main Street, through downtown, from Chart Street to the North Main Street bridge over the Kalamazoo River. Amenities include decorative streetlights, trees, landscaping, planters, decorative sidewalks and crosswalks, benches, and trash receptacles. The streetscape work will be paired with road reconstruction and bridge replacement projects. The project budget is $518,148, including $374,519 in federal TE funds, $93,629 from MDOT, and $50,000 from the city.

Clinton County

The Clinton County Road Commission will construct 6-foot-wide paved shoulders on both sides of Turner Road between State Road and Sheridan Road, connecting existing paved shoulders at each end. This project will fill a gap in the local nonmotorized system and provide local residents with safe access to a local park. The project will be paired with a planned road construction project for Turner Road. The project budget is $77,100, including $61,680 in federal TE funds and $15,420 from the Clinton County Road Commission.

Kent County

The city of Grandville will make streetscape improvements on Chicago Drive from Division Avenue to Ottawa Avenue. The proposed work includes decorative sidewalks, decorative street lights, perennial plantings and street trees, planters, benches, and trash receptacles. The streetscape will be paired with traffic-calming efforts. Additionally, the city will pay to relocate high transmission wire utility lines, bury local utility lines and construct a new Farmer's Market Pavilion. These paired projects are aimed at enhancing the downtown business district by promoting walkability and improving aesthetics, safety and accessibility. The project budget is $1,890,340, including $945,170 in federal TE funds and $945,170 from the city.

Macomb County

The city of New Baltimore will make streetscape improvements to its historic downtown on Washington Street from Green Street to Front Street. The project will include streetlights, trees, planters, bike racks, street furniture, and staining the existing sidewalk. The project budget is $486,110, including $340,277 in federal TE funds and $145,833 from the city.

Oakland County

The Road Commission for Oakland County, in partnership with West Bloomfield Township, will construct a multi-use trail along an abandoned rail line from Arrowhead Road to Haggerty Road. The trail will be an extension of the West Bloomfield Trail, which connects to the Clinton River Trail. The project includes trail surfacing, roadway crossings, benches, trash receptacles, and trail shoulder restoration with native plant materials. The project budget is $1,111,692, including $611,431 in federal TE funds and $500,261 from West Bloomfield Township Parks and Recreation.

Saginaw County (two projects)

MDOT, in cooperation with Thomas Township, will construct a 2.2-mile nonmotorized path from the Saginaw Valley Rail Trail to Shields Drive. The pathway will create a direct connection for township residents and visitors to schools, libraries and shopping centers, and serve as a link between the north and south areas of the township by providing a crossing at M-46. The project budget is $854,060, including $512,436 in federal TE funds, $170,812 from MDOT and $170,812 from the township.

MDOT, in cooperation with Saginaw Township and Kochville Township, will construct a 2.5-mile nonmotorized path along portions of Consumers Energy right of way from Elmer Lange Park to an existing nonmotorized path at McCarty Road. The project budget is $802,099, including $521,436 in federal TE funds, $162,703 from Saginaw Township, and $117,960 from Kochville Township.

Wayne County

MDOT, in partnership with the city of Detroit and the Greening of Detroit, will install streetscape amenities along US-12 (Michigan Avenue) between 14th Street and Rosa Parks Boulevard. The work includes replacing the concrete sidewalks and adding brick pavers, tree planters, bike loops and trash receptacles. When the project is complete, the Greening of Detroit will place trees in the planters. The project budget is $407,351, including $325,881 in federal TE funds, $71,286 from MDOT and $10,184 from the city.

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