MDOT releases second part of report on community and economic benefits of bicycling

Contact: Michael Frezell, MDOT Office of Communications,
Agency: Transportation

Fast facts:
- Out-of-state participants in organized bicycling events in Michigan are responsible for $21.9 million in economic impact for the state.
- Self-supported long-distance touring bicyclists who travel to Michigan spend an average of $71 per day on their trip.
- An average bicycle tour trip length is six days.

May 22, 2015 -- The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) released the second phase of a new report, "Community and Economic Benefits of Bicycling in Michigan." The report, funded by federal and state planning and research funds, is the second phase of a larger report describing the economic benefits that bicycling events bring to the economy.

The new report finds that out-of-state participants in all organized bicycling events are responsible for an estimated $21.9 million in economic impact for the state, based on closer analysis of several specific events. Events of various size and type were selected for analysis in order to compare the variety of economic impact:

Case study event

Estimated direct spending

The Apple Cider Century

$1.6 million

Dick Allen Lansing to Mackinac (DALMAC)

$1.1 million

The Bell's Beer Iceman Cometh Challenge

$2.3 million

The Michigander


The Ore to Shore Mountain Bike Epic

$1 million

The Tour de Troit


The spending cited includes event registration, transportation, food and beverage, lodging, shopping and entertainment, and bicycle-related purchases.

The Apple Cider Century and the Bell's Beer Iceman Cometh Challenge had the most substantial out-of-state participation of the six case study events. As a result, they also had the largest economic impact.

The report estimates that self-supported long-distance touring bicyclists who travel throughout Michigan spend $71 a day while on their trip. In total, travelers spend an estimated $520 per trip. The average bike tour trip is six days long.

The first phase of the report, released in April 2015, described the impact of bicycling on Michigan's economy overall, as well as on five specific communities. Both reports can be found at Click on the Economic Benefits of Bicycling link in the upper right hand corner, under Biking Quick Links.

MDOT reminds drivers: Lives are in your hands - always pass cyclists at a safe distance.