MDOT announces new signal configuration at M-58/Center Road intersection in Saginaw Township

Contact: Jocelyn Hall, MDOT Office of Communications, 989-245-7117
Agency: Transportation

Fast facts:

  • MDOT will complete signal improvements Friday, June 7, at the M-58/Center Road intersection in Saginaw Township.
  • The new signal features a flashing yellow arrow.
  • Motorists are permitted to make left turns when the flashing yellow arrow is activated, after yielding to oncoming motorists and pedestrians.

June 6, 2019 -- Following signal upgrades on Friday, June 7, the intersection of M-58 and Center Road in Saginaw Township, will operate under a slightly modified signal configuration. When presented with a flashing yellow arrow, drivers must yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians but are permitted to turn otherwise. Following the flashing yellow left-turn signal, the signal will change to a solid green arrow, which is considered a protected phase. The solid green arrow will allow motorists to turn the other directions of traffic observe a red signal, reducing opportunities for crashes.

It is important to note that regardless of the color of the arrow, motorists should always remain vigilant behind the wheel and verify they are making a turn only when safe to do so. Questions about this new signal configuration can be directed to:

MDOT Bay City Transportation Service Center
2590 East Wilder Road
Bay City, MI 48706

More information about the flashing yellow left-turn signal is available in the attached on the MDOT website and on MDOT’s YouTube channel.