MDOT announces 400th MichiVan vanpool in Michigan

Contact: Janet Foran, MDOT Office of Communications,
Agency: Transportation

MDOT announces 400th MichiVan vanpool in Michigan
The MichiVan Commuter Vanpool Program's 400th vanpool was delivered on March 12, 2012,
to the U.S. Army's Detroit Arsenal in Warren. Employees there enjoy hassle-free vanpooling,
with 133 vanpools already in service.

Fast Facts:

  • The 400th commuter van in Michigan was delivered Monday, March 12.
  • Michigan has about 3,000 vanpool riders statewide.
  • The MichiVan program saves an estimated 216,000 gallons of fuel each month.

March 13, 2012 -- The MichiVan Commuter Vanpool Program delivered its 400th commuter van in Michigan on Monday, March 12. The vanpool program has increased steadily in Michigan but enjoyed growth spurts recently, likely due to increasing and unpredictable gasoline prices at the pump.

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has contracted with VPSI, Inc. to offer MichiVan commuter vanpools throughout most of the state since 1980.

Vanpooling with MichiVan is a cost-effective alternative for commuters who enjoy the convenience of sharing a ride to work together in a friendly environment. Vanpoolers arrive at work safe, on time and relaxed. There are currently about 3,000 riders statewide. Approximately 131,000 commuter trips are taken each month. It is estimated that about 216,000 gallons of fuel are saved each month.

MichiVan offers several styles of fully insured vans, accommodating groups of five to 15 passengers. Riders pay a monthly fee plus the cost of fuel, with one person volunteering to be the primary driver of the van. The driver rides for free.

For more details about vanpooling and a video about ridesharing, go to the MDOT Web site at

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