Fixing Michigan Roads Plan

  • Poster for Our Roads

    One of the key proposals in Gov. Whitmer’s 2020 budget message is her Fixing Michigan Roads Plan, which provides a powerful opportunity to address a problem that has been undermining Michigan’s quality of life and public safety for decades.

    Fixing Michigan Roads Plan Summary
    Table - Example of Eligible Roads 
    Anticipated Distributions to County, City and Village Road Agencies 


    View roads and condition ratings in your area at the Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council's  (TAMC) Road and Bridge Ratings Interactive Map.

    Local Agency Bridge "Bundling"
    Nearly 500 local Michigan bridges are rated serious or critical, and almost 60 more have been closed. Here’s how an innovative MDOT proposal could help local agencies repair and reopen them all by 2025.

  • National Functional Classification Road Descriptions

    The following items are eligible for Fixing Michigan Roads Funds:

    • Interstate: The Dwight D. Eisenhower Interstate system.
    • Other Freeways and Expressways:  Grade-separated interchanges and other design features of interstates, such as full access control but not part of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Interstate system
    • Other Principal Arterials: Connecting routes between cities and the most heavily traveled cross-city routes within urbanized areas that encourage mobility and commercial traffic.
    • Minor Arterials: Shorter trip distances, less traffic and more local in nature than the other principal arterials.
    • Major Collectors: These routes funnel traffic from local and minor collector routes to the arterials. These may directly serve schools, business districts and important public functions.

    Map of the eligible roads in each district:

  • Eligibility Key for Fixing Michigan Roads Funds

  • Each map contains the following key which designates the items classified eligible or not eligible
    for Fixing Michigan Roads Funds:


    Functional System, Blueline Key, Eligible

    Interstate, Other Freeways and Expressways, Other Principal Arterials, Minor Arterials, Major Collectors - Eligible


    Functional System, Gray Line Key, Not Eligible

    Minor Collector, Local Road - Not Eligible