Construction Details: Project Improvements

1. Bridge replacements and widening

  • The 6 Mile Road, 8 Mile Road, and N. Territorial Road bridges will be replaced. The N. Territorial Road and 8 Mile Road interchanges will be redesigned, with roundabouts at the ramp terminals.
  • The US-23 bridge over the Great Lakes Central Railroad will be replaced and widened to accommodate the Flex Route system. This involves slope adjustments on the outside edge due to the planned widening.
  • The US-23 bridge over Barker Road will be widened in the median to accommodate the wider median shoulder for the Flex Route.

2. Flex Route management and intelligent traffic systems (ITS)

  • The inside median shoulder of US-23 will be widened from M-14 to north of 8 Mile Road to accommodate vehicles during the peak hour movements and to provide for incident management.
  • The outside shoulders will be upgraded for maintaining traffic.
  • Five crash investigation sites will be built on the outside portions of US-23. They are approximately 30 feet by 250 feet in size.
  • New trusses with specialized signs will be installed approximately every half-mile to implement the median shoulder usage.

3. Ramp extensions and upgrades

The following entrance ramps will be lengthened to meet current standards

  • US-23 entrance ramps at 8 Mile Road
  • US-23 entrance ramps at M-36
  • US-23 entrance ramps at 6 Mile Road
  • The Barker Road ramp will be upgraded
  • All ramps at N. Territorial Road will be upgraded

4. Capital preventive maintenance (CPM) work

  • Joint repairs, and milling/filling will occur from M-14 to Silver Lake Road.
  • The following bridges will have barriers replaced and substructure repaired:
    • Joy Road
    • Warren Road

5. Sound wall north of 8 Mile Road
A sound wall approximately 2,000-feet-long will be constructed north of 8 Mile Road along the east right of way of US-23. This portion will be constructed in the near future and will not be part of this project’s construction.