About the Program

Adopt-A-Highway is a Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) program designed to help keep the state's highway roadsides clean and attractive. Participants adopt both sides of a section of state highway roadside to clean up for at least a two-year period. A minimum two-mile stretch of roadway is recommended. All types of state highways may be adopted, including two-lane roads, limited access highways, boulevards and business routes. Since 1990, Adopt-A-Highway local groups have collected over a million bags of trash. Currently 2,800 groups are participating in the program and have adopted over 6,400 miles of Michigan highways.

Who's eligible?
Just about any group of at least three people.
It's a great opportunity for all types of organizations, including scout troops, church groups, activity and teen groups, small and large businesses, clubs, service organizations and senior citizen groups.
Crew members must be a minimum of 12 years old. Children between the ages of 12 to 17 must have adult supervision at a ratio of one adult for every three children.

What's required to participate?
Your time and effort. It's that easy!
Participants are asked to pick up litter three times a year from the highway roadsides in their designated area. The goal of the program is to clean the roadsides before mowing cycles and tourism periods (April through October). Designated pickup dates and times will be determined by MDOT at the beginning of each year to facilitate and schedule pickup of bagged trash.

Is there a fee?
There is no fee required to participate in the Adopt-A-Highway program.
Groups will need to provide their own transportation to the adoption site. MDOT will provide bags for litter and pickup of filled bags. MDOT will supply safety vests for each member upon acceptance in the program.  Bags, vests and safety materials can be picked up at supply locations throughout the state.

How does my group benefit?
Besides the sense of pride your group will feel enhancing the appearance of your community, the name of your group will be identified on Adopt-A-Highway signs to be displayed near your roadside area. In addition, your group will receive a certificate of participation to display in your lobby or business.

How are roads assigned?
Requests for specific roadside areas will be handled on a first-come, first-serve basis between you and a local MDOT region coordinator. All attempts will be made to match you with your first choice, or a segment that is closest to your community.

An important note about safety
All Adopt-A-Highway participants are required to conduct a safety meeting before each pickup.
All participants are required to wear a MDOT-provided safety vest while working along the roadside.
Once your group is issued an Adopt-A-Highway permit, MDOT will provide additional safety information, including rules and a DVD.

Sign up now and Adopt-A-Highway
If the area you select is available, please allow approximately 4 weeks to receive notice from your region office about your adopted area, safety materials and specific pickup times and dates.

How can we sign up?

  1. Please check with your AAH Coordinator about location availability prior to sending in your application, and to determine where to send the application.
  2. Complete an Adopt-A-Highway application form.
  3. Keep one copy for yourself.