Guidelines for Memorial Highway Signing

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has developed guidelines for the signing of Memorial Highways and Bridges. Standards for the design (shape, size, color) and application of all signs erected on public highways are specified in the Michigan Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MMUTCD) and are required to conform with national standards.

As additional signing, memorial signing can reduce the effectiveness of essential signing, causing an information overload to the motorist. However, if the following conditions are met, MDOT will install signs for Memorial Highways and Bridges:

  • The memorial highway or bridge must be named in a bill passed by the Senate and House and signed by the Governor.
  • The signing on memorial highway bridges should be placed in rest areas, scenic overlooks, turn outs or recreation areas.
  • The memorial signs will not appear on guide signs, nor interfere with other necessary signs, and not compromise safety.
  • The memorial sign's legend shall be simple and signified, devoid of any tendency toward advertising and in general conformance with other highway signing.
  • The group requesting the memorial signing will be required to pay for the fabrication and all associated costs of installing signs. MDOT Regional staff shall approve the size and design of all signs placed within the roadside.
  • Placement of the sign within a roadside facility will be at the sole discretion of MDOT.