How Communities Benefit from Access Management

MDOT's priority is to improve the condition, capacity, safety and ride quality of our existing roads. In many instances, an access management plan--developed and adopted with the cooperation of local government--can preserve the flow of traffic and reduce crashes along the state highway system.

To accomplish this, future highway corridor improvement strategies will include an access management plan, enforced through local land use regulations and controls.

Successful access management requires cooperation between many stakeholders.  In 2001, MDOT developed an access management guidebook and began a public outreach program.  This program seeks to educate property owners, business persons, MDOT staff and local decision makers about the benefits of access management and how to properly manage access to the state and local roadway system.

The outreach program describes the planning process and links access management principles with land use planning. This linkage is necessary to show the big picture and ensure appropriate relationships between present and future transportation needs. Therefore, the department's access management program initiative is in direct alignment with the Governor's land use initiative.

For more information about the MDOT Access Management Program, please contact:

Tom Doyle, Program Manager
Project Planning Division
Michigan Department of Transportation
Phone: (517) 335-2936