Road Watchers

  • MDOT Region MapCalling all Road Watchers!

    The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is looking for motorists who would be interested in volunteering as a “Road Watcher.” As a Road Watcher, you would provide reports on how well we are maintaining our roads and work zones, as well as what improvements we could make.

    Participants will be asked to complete periodic, brief online surveys based on their experiences. Participation in the surveys is completely voluntary. We value direct and honest feedback, with the goal of improving our processes and practices so we can better serve our motorists.

  • Grand Region Road Watchers

    Grand Region Road Watchers is looking for motorists interested in participating in periodic online surveys regarding the condition of the roads during their commute in MDOT's Grand Region during the winter months. If you're a motorist in the Grand Region, we want to hear from you. Take the survey and become a Grand Region Road Watcher.