Drainage Manual

Drainage Manual CoverCover/Acknowledgements PDF icon

1. Introduction PDF icon

2. Legal Policy and Procedures PDF icon

2A. Symbols and Acronyms PDF icon

2B. Federal Policies and Law PDF icon

2C. National Flood Insurance Program PDF icon

2D. County Drains and Roads Guideline PDF icon

       Attachment C: Michigan Drain Code Procedures PDF icon

2E. Corps Jurisdiction Listings for Section 404, Section 9 and 10, Rivers and Harbors PDF icon

2F. State Executive Order 1977-4 PDF icon

3. Hydrology PDF icon

3A. Symbols and Acronyms PDF icon

3B. MDOT Rainfall Tables PDF icon

3C. Computing Flood Discharge for Small Ungaged Watersheds PDF icon

3D. Wetland Hydrology - The Water Budget PDF icon

4. Natural Channels and Roadside Ditches PDF icon

4A. Symbols and Acronyms PDF icon

4B. MDEQ Cross Section Guidelines (Modified by MDOT) PDF icon

4C. Open Channel Theory PDF icon

5. Culverts PDF icon

5A. Symbols and Acronyms PDF icon

5B. Tables of Manning's n, Loss Coefficients and Worksheets PDF icon

5C. Culvert Design Charts PDF icon

5D. Culvert Design Table PDF icon

6. Bridges PDF icon    

6A. Symbols and Acronyms PDF icon    

6B. Summary Hydraulic Analysis Form PDF icon    

6C. MDOT Hydraulic Report Format and Supporting Documents PDF icon    

6D. MDOT Guidelines for Evaluation of Scour and Scour Analysis Worksheets PDF icon

7. Road Storm Drainage Systems PDF icon     

7A. Symbols and Acronyms PDF icon

8. Stormwater Storage Facilities PDF icon    

8A. Symbols and Acronyms PDF icon

9. Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) PDF icon   

9A. Symbols and Acronyms PDF icon    

9B. Cost List for MDOT Approved BMPs PDF icon

10. Pump Stations PDF icon 

10A. Symbols and Acronyms PDF icon    

10B. Pump Station Hydraulic Design Example PDF icon

Glossary PDF icon

Master Table of Contents PDF icon

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