I-75 Widening and Reconstruction in Saginaw County

MDOT has completed an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the proposed widening and reconstruction of 4.7 miles of I-75 from Dixie Highway in Bridgeport to the I-675 South Junction (Janes Road) in Bridgeport and Buena Vista Townships, Saginaw County. Also included are the replacement of five structures at Baker Road, King Road, Hess Road, M-46 over I-75, and the railroad structure over the Huron and Eastern Railway.

View Environmental Assessment Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI)
View EInvironmental Assessment (EA)

The proposed work includes the addition of a fourth lane in each direction with widening to the outside. The new I-75 roadway will consist of four 12-foot lanes in each direction with 10-foot median shoulders and 13-foot outside shoulders.   The EA describes and analyzes the proposed work and the measures taken to minimize harm to the project area.

MDOT encouraged public involvement during the study process by conducting public meetings on September15, 2010 and June 6, 2012, and by providing study information and opportunities for comment on-line at www.michigan.gov/mdotstudies. The EA was available on-line and at Bridgeport Public Library, Bridgeport and Buena Vista township offices; MDOT Transportation Service Center, MDOT Region Office, and MDOT Bureau of Highway Development in Lansing.

The FONSI completed the environmental clearance process so the project could move forward with needed funding.