A wide range of transportation improvement alternatives have been identified and analyzed during MDOT's US-131 Improvement Study, based on professional expertise and public involvement meetings.    Figure 1 shows the Practical Alternatives currently under consideration Alternatives range from no changes up to and including a limited access freeway facility.   Proposed transportation improvements will focus on utilizing the existing US-131 right-of-way, where possible.

Public Involvement plays a key role in the outcome of this study.   Many opportunities for public input, including the use of this web-site, have been provided throughout the project's schedule. Regular meetings have been held with local stakeholders and their input has been sought throughout the evaluation process, including during the analysis of social, economic, and environmental impacts associated with various alternatives to be developed and studied.   We are now at the Public Hearing step, where public input will be sought for the final Practical Alternatives.  The Public Hearing date is March 29, 2005 at the Three Rivers Community Center.

To provide your thoughts or comments regarding a specific alternative or component of the study please email Anita Richardson, MDOT's Public Hearings Officer at RichardsonA13@michigan.gov.

Additional Information: If you would like additional information on the US-131 Improvement Study, please call the toll-free project hotline number (1-877-200-8638).

Description of Study Area: The US-131 study area is shown as the yellow highlighted corridor in Figure 1 and is roughly bounded on the south by the Indiana Toll Roadand by the Lockport/Park Township Line to the north.

Description of the US-131 Planning Team: MDOT has selected a consultant team to assist MDOT with the US-131 Improvement Study. Members of this US-131 Planning Team include:

Wilbur Smith Associates, Inc.,
Wetland and Coastal Resources
American Survey Consultants
SOMAT Engineering