Final Environmental Impact Statement 2004

This document describes the Recommended Alternative for the project, its basis for selection and any changes in the project, its setting, techical analysis, mitigation measures, and impacts that have occurred since circulation of the DEIS.  Also included are the coordination efforts that have occurred since circulation of the DEIS, agency and public comments received on the DEIS, and responses to those comments.

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Cover thru Table of Contents

Please note that the phone number for Margaret Barondess listed on the cover sheet should read 517-335-2621

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 Summary

Chapter 2 Purpose and Need

Chapter 3 Project Planning Process

Chapter 4 Alternatives

Chapter 5 Affected Environment and Social, Economic and Environmental Impacts (Without Figures)

Chapter 6 Final Section 4(f) Evaluation

Chapter 7 Measures to Mitigate Impacts

Chapter 8 Public Participation and Agency Coordination

Chapter 9 Distribution of the FEIS

Chapter 10 List of Preparers

Chapter 11 Reference List

Chapter 12 Glossary

Chapter 13 Recommended Alternative Conceptual Design Plan

Recommended Alternative Grand River to Lucky

Recommended Alternative Lucky to Conner

Fig. 13.1 I-94 I-96 to Grand River

Fig. 13.2 1-94 Grand River to Rosa Parks

Fig. 13.3 I-94 Rosa Parks to M-10

Fig. 13.4 I-94 M-10 to John R

Fig. 13.5 I-94 John R to I-75

Fig. 13.6 I-94 Russell to Chene

Fig. 13.7 I-94 Chene to Saginaw

Fig. 13.8 I-94 Mt Elliott to Frontenac

Fig. 13.9 I-94 Frontenac to Iroquois

Fig. 13.10 I-94 Iroquois to Gratiot

Fig. 13.11 I-94 Gratiot to Lamay

Fig. 13.12 I-94 Lemay to east of Conner

Fig. 13.13 M-10 Forest to Warren

Fig. 13.14 M-10 Warren to Holden

Fig. 13.15 M-10 Holden to Pallister

Fig. 13.16 I-75 Ferry to Piquette

Fig. 13.17 I-75 Piquette to Clay

Chapter 14 Index

Appendix A 

Appendix B

Appendix C

Appendix C Fig. 1

Appendix C Fig. 2

Appendix C Fig. 3

Appendix C Fig. 4

Appendix C Fig. 5

Appendix C Fig. 6

Appendix C Fig. 7

Appendix C Fig. 8

Appendix C Fig. 9

Appendix C Fig. 10

Appendix C Fig. 11

Appendix C Fig. 12

Appendix C Fig. 13

Appendix C Fig. 14

Appendix C Fig. 15

Appendix D

Appendix E

Appendix F

Appendix G

Appendix H

Appendix I

Appendix J TRU Part 1 of 12

Appendix J TRU Part 2 of 12

Appendix J TRU Part 3 of 12

Appendix J TRU Part 4 of 12

Appendix J TRU Part 5 of 12

Appendix J TRU Part 6 of 12

Appendix J TRU Part 7 of 12

Appendix J TRU Part 8 of 12

Appendix J TRU Part 9 of 12

Appendix J TRU Part 10 of 12

Appendix J TRU Part 11 of 12

Appendix J TRU Part 12 of 12

Appendix K

Appendix L