Purpose of the Study

The purpose of the US-12 Improvement Study is to determine how existing and projected travel demand on US-12, from Saline to Munger Road near I-94, may be accommodated. The purpose is also to improve roadway continuity, increase travel capacity, reduce crashes, and provide viable access to existing and planned business, government, and residential land uses.

The five major goals of the US-12 Improvement Study are listed below:

- Transportation - To improve mobility and travel capacity in the study area.
- Engineering Design - To provide a safe, efficient transportation system that meets MDOT design standards.
- Socioeconomic - To maximize the benefits of planned economic development and minimize the potential impacts on the area's community resources, including neighborhoods, parklands, farmland, and community facilities and services.
- Environmental - To minimize the potential adverse impacts on the natural and built environment, including biological resources, water resources, ecosystems, and historic properties.
- Land Use - To provide a transportation facility that is compatible with existing and planned land uses within the US-12 study area.