What is the purpose of the study?

What is the purpose of this study?
The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) working in partnership with the City of Detroit will seek to identify a preferred alternative that address the following needs:

  • Address the deterioration of the existing bridges and roadway
  • Improve connectivity for all users (car, bike, and pedestrian)
  • Improve the safety of the corridor including the I-75/I-375 interchange
  • Make the corridor more walkable, and
  • Facilitate future economic development plans of the City of Detroit

What is the study area?
The I-375 freeway is about one-mile long. It connects the I-75 freeway directly to Jefferson Avenue. Building upon the previous work that was completed in 2014, the 375 Improvement Study will examine the following area:

  • I-375 from north of the I-75 interchange to south of Jefferson Ave.,
  • I-75 from Woodward Ave. to Mack Ave.,
  • Jefferson Ave near Woodward Ave. to I-375,
  • the Gratiot Connector from I-75 to Gratiot, and
  • I-375/I-75/Gratiot Connector interchange and all ramps

Is this study different from the 2014 I-375 Alternatives Study?
Yes. The 2014 Study was a Planning and Environment Linkages (PEL) study. A PEL evaluates transportation and environmental issues in coordination with community and economic development planning early in the transportation decision making process. The 375 Improvement Study is an Environmental Assessment (EA) that is being completed to identify and document the human and natural impacts associated with any proposed improvements along the I-375 corridor. The EA will build upon the work done in the PEL.

What has changed since 2014 and what is next?
The project was put on hold until there was funding to complete the study. Now with funding, the project will move into the environmental phase to determine the future of the I-375 corridor.

Who does the project serve?
You! This project will decide the future of the I-375 corridor. Stakeholders include residents, businesses along the corridor, and commuters.

I-375 Corridor Study Map