Prevailing Wage Compliance

Purpose: Provide helpful information in order to assist those who process prevailing wage issues.

A.  Prevailing Wage Information:


B.  Oversight Procedures: Proper Documentation


C.  Required Jobsite Postings: The Contractor must ensure all labor compliance posters and the project specific prevailing wage rates are posted on the construction site, in a conspicuous area, prior to the commencement of work.  Jobsite postings should be discussed at the pre-construction meeting.  Additional information regarding jobsite posters can be located in the MDOT Construction Manual in Division 1 Section 1.07.


D.  Training: Slides to Assist with Understanding Prevailing Wage Oversight Procedures

  •  Presentations:

LCP Tracker - Agency (May 2019) PDF icon

LCP Tracker - Contractor (April 2020) PDF icon

Introduction (April 2020) PDF icon

Prevailing Wage Components (April 2020) PDF icon

Contract Documents (April 2020) PDF icon

Wage Decisions (April 2020) PDF icon

Wage Rate Interviews (April 2020) PDF icon

Overtime (April 2020) PDF icon

Certified Payrolls (April 2020) PDF icon

Truck Drivers (April 2020) PDF icon

  • MDOT Wage Classification Understandings:

Understanding Guardrail PDF icon

Minimum Weighted Overtime PDF icon

Truck Driver - Sample Fringe Calculation PDF icon

Overtime Qualifications Workers (Salaried Workers) PDF icon

Contractor Ownership and Prevailing Wages PDF icon

DBRA (USDOL) Fact Sheet #66 PDF icon

E.  Prevailing Wage Assistance:



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