Developing Representative Michigan Truck Configurations for Bridge Load Rating

Drawing of truck dimensions


Project Summary


Project Number: SPR-1640
Contract Number: 2016-0070 Z2
Status: Complete
Start Date: 03/2016
End Date: 02/2018
Keywords: Bridges, WIM, Load Rating, Live Load, Reliability


The objective of this study is to recommend a rating process representative of Michigan load effects for legal and extended permit vehicles. For this study, high fidelity WIM data from 20 Michigan sites were analyzed. Using vehicle weight and configuration filtering criteria developed for the project, the WIM data were filtered to capture Michigan legal and extended permit truck traffic. From this data, load effects were generated for bridge spans from 20 to 200 ft, considering simple and continuous moments and shears, as well as single lane and two lane effects. Load effects were then projected to 5 years for rating and used in a reliability-based analysis to determine the rating live load effects needed to meet minimum and target reliability levels for LRFR and LFR rating procedures. Bridge beam types considered for the analysis were steel, prestressed concrete, reinforced concrete, spread box, and side-by-side box. A rating process was recommended to best meet the required reliability level.


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Research Manager Michael Townley   Wayne State University logo
Michael Townley Allie Nadjarian, P.E. Wayne State University