Developing Michigan Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Models

Map of bicycle risk score in Wayne county.


Project Summary


Project Number: SPR-1651
Contract Number: 2016-0068 Z1
Status: Complete
Start Date: 03/2016
End Date: 12/2017

Non-motorized users, bicyclist, pedestrian, risk models, risk score, safety performance functions, highway safety manual, Empirical Bayes, geographic information systems



Reducing the number of pedestrian and bicycle-involved crashes, injuries, and fatalities is a priority nationwide, including Michigan. It is important to identify those locations and attributes associated with locations that are most prone to such crashes. Relying on observed crashes or hotspot analysis can be misleading due to statistically anomalies or not properly accounting for pedestrian exposure and other risk factors. This project created a pedestrian and bicycle risk score, based on mapping crashes and the risk characteristics, for a defined area or network for the entire state of Michigan. This report describes how the project team developed the risk scores and corresponding non-motorized exposure estimates.


Final Report

User Manual



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