Advanced Applications of Intellidrive Data Use Analysis and Processing 2 (DUAP 2)

Diagram of ITS communication between devices


Project Summary


Project Number: SPR-1654
Contract Number: 2011-0316 
Status: Complete
Start Date: 08/2011
End Date: 07/2017
Subject: DUAP, VIDAS 


The purpose of the Data Use Analysis and Processing (DUAP) project is to support the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and its partners in evaluating uses and benefits of connected vehicle data in transportation agency management and operations. The project complements efforts throughout the transportation community in designing and deploying connected vehicle infrastructure, vehicle equipment, and initial applications and investigates how data from connected vehicles may benefit the ways MDOT and other transportation agencies perform business. DUAP research has been constrained by the relative unavailability of connected vehicle data, but has successfully demonstrated: the capability to collect, aggregate, process and provide data from connected vehicles; the pragmatic acquisition of diverse data from a variety of sources; and the development of applications that may enhance traffic monitoring, pavement defect and condition assessment, plus origin-destination studies for transportation planning. The project concludes that there is substantial potential for the use of connected vehicle data in transportation management and operations. It is recommended that the next phase of research focus on development and deployment of reliable data sources and specific applications for implementation in MDOT day-to-day activities.


Final Report





Project Organization


MDOT Research Manager MDOT Project Manager Performing Organization(s)
André Clover Collin Castle Mixon/Hill, Inc.