An Evaluation of Michigan's Continuous Count Station (CCS) Distribution

Traffic Monitoring Devices


Project Summary


Project Number: SPR-1671
Contract Number: 2016-0069 Z2
Status: Complete
Start Date: 04/01/2016
End Date: 04/30/2018
Keywords: Continuous Count Stations (CCS), ITS Site Evaluation, Traffic Monitoring Program

This report evaluated Michigan’s current continuous counting program and proposed a program combining traffic data from Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) sites and continuous counting stations (CCS) sites. A web-based survey was conducted to understand other states’ experience in maintaining their statewide traffic monitoring program. Information on sensor type, coverage, number, class, satisfaction rate and use was sought. A detailed evaluation of current ITS sensors was performed by comparing them with adjacent CCS sensors for volume, speed, and vehicle classification data. An analysis for sufficiency and redundancy of current CCS sites was performed. In this study, CCS sites were evaluated by geographical classification, functional classification, and MDOT’s locational clusters. The evaluation revealed that 37 ITS sensors can be added to the Michigan’s Traffic Management Program (TMP) while two CCS sites can be removed. In addition, 12 CCS sites are suitable for replacement with ITS sites A cost saving analysis was performed for the proposed TMP sensors. For missing data imputation, a DNN based deep learning approach was proposed along with routine sensor calibration and a maintenance plan. 


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Mark Polsdofer Kevin Krzeminski 

Western Michigan University   Transportation Research Center for Livable Communities