Development of Secondary Route Bridge Design Plan Guides

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Project Summary


Project Number: SPR-1669
Contract Number: 2016-0080 Z1
Status: Completed
Start Date: 03/01/2016
End Date: 03/31/2018
Keywords: Bridges, Steel, Prestressed Concrete, Box Beam, Bulb-Tee, Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Standardization, Plans


The objective of this study is to develop a set of bridge plan guides for low-volume traffic roads. The purpose of the plans is to facilitate construction of new structures suitable for local agencies. The designs are to specifically address common local agency road, span, and site conditions. A series of initial bridge design concepts were first identified, and presented to MDOT and local agency bridge engineers, consultants, contractors, and fabricators for comments. Based on the comments received, the initial set was reduced to four designs: galvanized steel girders, spread box beams, side-by-side box beams, and bulb-tee girders. Deterministic and probabilistic life-cycle cost analyses (LCAA) were conducted to compare the long-term costs of the designs. After further input from the bridge engineering community, the plans were finalized and made available for use. 


Final Report


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Project Organization


MDOT Research Manager MDOT Project Manager Performing Organization(s)
Research Manager Michael Townley
Michael Townley Keith Cooper Wayne State University