Commercial Production of Non-Proprietary Ultra High Performance Concrete

Workers completing cement work.


Project Summary


Project Number: SPR-1670
Contract Number: 2016-0068 Z6
Status: Complete
Start Date: 04/01/2017
End Date 12/31/2018
Keywords: Ultra-high performance concrete, non-proprietary, durability, strength, mixing, field pour, bridge, freeze-thaw.


The vast majority of field usage of UHPC in the US, to date, has employed pre-packaged, proprietary materials. A previous project funded by MDOT developed a generic, cost-optimized UHPC mix (named MI-UHPC) that performed exceptionally well in the lab but was not wellsuited for field implementation. This project explored the reasons why the generic UHPC mix did not scale up. Successful field mixing was achieved by optimizing the mix proportions and changing the mixing procedure. In addition and in order to achieve truly generic UHPC technology, this project also proposed a family of mixes with components sourced from a variety of local suppliers. One of these mixes was used in the Kilgore Road Bridge Restoration Project on the Pine River in Kenockee, Michigan and is one of the earliest field applications of a nonproprietary blend of UHPC in the US. Extensive material testing was conducted to explore the influence of a number of variables on the short and long term properties of the proposed UHPC mix. The effect of component source and quantity was investigated with a specific focus on cement, silica fume and fibers. Recommended special provisions for commercial production of UHPC were proposed.


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