Sidepath Application Criteria Development for Bicycle Use

Bicyclist riding down the street.


Project Summary


Project Number: SPR-1675
Contract Number: 2016-0274
Status: Completed
Start Date: 06/01/2016
End Date 06/30/2018
Keywords: Bicycles, bikeways, sidepaths, crosswalks, crash analysis, surveys, guidelines 

This project included a crash analysis, resident survey, the development of a practitioner guide titled “Sidepath Intersection and Crossing Treatment Guide,” (the Guide) and the development of educational materials for Michigan practitioners and residents. An in-depth crash analysis was performed to understand the impacts of design, land use, traffic volumes, speeds, and other relevant variables on crash risks for bicyclists on sidepaths to characterize bicycle crashes in two Michigan Counties. An address-based survey (n=351) was conducted in fall 2016 to investigate attitudes toward bicycling among drivers and bicyclists, bicycling habits, barriers to bicycling, and roadway design preferences regarding bicycle infrastructure in Michigan. Using the results from the preference survey and the crash analysis, the team developed the Guide to lay out a straight-forward process for integrating best practices in sidepath design into a proposed roadway project. Five informational sheets were developed for distribution to drivers, bicyclists, and practitioners summarizing 


Final Report

Research Appendix Report

Sidepath Research Information Sheet 





Project Organization


MDOT Research Manager MDOT Project Manager Performing Organization(s)
Mark Polsdofer Joshua Debryun Toole Design Group, LLC