Wireless Data Collection Retrievals of Bridge Inspection / Management Information

Screenshot of the inspection app beside engineers inspecting a bridge.


Project Summary


Project Number: SPR-1634
Contract Number: 2013-0067 
Status: Complete
Start Date: 09/30/2015
End Date 02/27/2018
Keywords: Bridges, tablets, inspection, element, 3D, database, data, interactive, Unreal Engine 4 


To increase the efficiency and reliability of bridge inspections, MDOT contracted to have a 3D-modelbased data entry application for mobile tablets developed to aid inspectors in the field. The 3D Bridge App is a mobile software tool designed to facilitate bridge inspection processes by enabling inspectors to enter element-level bridge condition data using 3G/4G network-enabled tablet devices. The system collects information from MDOT’s bridge management database, and then renders a dynamic, interactive 3D model of the desired bridge. The bridge inspector is able to record the locations and attributes of new defects in an element-level form by touch interaction and manipulation of the 3D model. The interactive model, marked up with existing defects, also allows for bridge inspectors to better visualize past inspection data. The inspector can also take pictures of the defects using the tablet’s camera, as well as record comments. This gives users further insight into the progression of the defect over time. The bridge inspector is able to navigate along the bridge model just as he or she would during a normal inspection. Results can be integrated into bridge management workflows.


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Research Manager Project Manager Performing Organization(s)
Research Manager Michael Townley Project Manager Rebecca Curtis Michigan Tech Research Institute logo
Michael Townley Rebecca Curtis, P.E. Michigan Tech Research Institute