Research on the Operational Costs and Benefits of Speed Feedback Signs

Speed Feedback Sign
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Contract 2018-0045
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Dynamic messaging signs, Variable message signs, speed, driver behavior




There have been a significant number of miscellaneous single-vehicle, overturn and fixed-object crashes that occur on interchange ramps in Michigan.  Various vehicle types are involved in these crashes resulting from the driver’s inability to navigate the ramp at elevated speeds even under dry surface conditions regardless of lighting.  Although there have been advances in stability systems for all vehicle types and many of these ramps have been enhanced with increased number of signs and intensity of sign sheeting, the crashes continue.  From 2011-2015 interchange ramps averaged over 40 fatal and severe injury crashes annually.  Operationally, these crashes often result in long periods of closure with rerouted traffic impacting the transportation network and a number of secondary crashes.  Interchange ramp Dynamic speed feedback signing offers the potential to reduce crashes. This installation alerts drivers exceeding the recommended speed with a flashing speed value.  There is potential to enhance communications with operations centers, vehicle to infrastructure intelligent transportation systems (ITS), and vehicle to vehicle ITS.  Existing research on dynamic speed feedback signs many provide information on how to approach these efforts.


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MSU Receives National Recognition for Safety Findings on Speed Feedback Signs


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