Transportation System Condition Report

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    The measures in this report support and are organized around the four major goal areas of the State Long-Range Transportation Plan - Stewardship, Safety and Security, System Improvement and Efficient and Effective Operations. This initial report moves beyond the MDOT pavement and bridge condition goals, that expired in 2007, as set by the State Transportation Commission. Since then, an internal MDOT working team developed new pavement goals and that process evolved into an effort to develop a collection of performance measures that would reflect various aspects of the transportation system, including trunkline pavement conditions, trunkline bridge conditions, level of service, local airport conditions, local transit fleet condition, passenger rail service levels, and more.

    The measures included in this initial report are only a representative sample of the countless measurements and data collections that could be potentially tracked by MDOT in the course of overseeing the building, maintenance, and operation of the state's transportation system. The report is a work in progress. Through experience and feedback, MDOT will be able to determine the appropriate mix of measures and be able to easily collect and routinely report a set of measures to give a reliable, useful and meaningful picture of the condition of our transportation system.

    MDOT asks for comments on this transportation system performance report.

    Driven by Excellence: A Report on Transportation Performance Measurement at MDOT

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    The System Condition Report provides a wealth of information for transportation and/or data enthusiasts and others with the dedication to "click" through its many data-rich charts and tables. However, it may not be a readily accessible format for the more casual reader interested in a "bigger picture" view. To bridge that gap, in May 2010, MDOT extracted information from the Web site and translated it into a more user-friendly format. The resulting document is a 22-page report titled "Driven by Excellence: A Report on Transportation Performance Measurement at MDOT" - an easy to "flip-through" snapshot of the condition of Michigan's transportation system. For the more casual reader, the Driven by Excellence report may provide sufficient information to meet your needs. It also can serve as a primer for the system condition Web site report, which can be accessed quarterly for more up-to-date information.

  • Congestion & Reliability Performance Report

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    This performance measure report is for internal use to help MDOT regions, Transportation Service Centers (TSCs), and planners expand their knowledge on how Michigan freeways are operating over time and how they compare to each other. This information helps identify congested areas, when congestion occurs and how often, corridor rankings, cause of delay, and more. This report is only a starting point, with the potential for a more in depth analysis. If your area has plans to share this information externally, please contact the Congestion and Mobility Unit to ensure the correct measures are being used. Each performance measure provides a view of how freeways may be operating. Looking at it from many perspectives can give a more complete picture and better understanding of what is going on.


    Chapter 1 - Introduction - Freeway Performance Measures

    Chapter 2 - Bay Region Summary

    Chapter 3 - Grand Region Summary

    Chapter 4 - Metro Region Summary

    Chapter 5 - North Region Summary

    Chapter 6 - Southwest Region Summery

    Chapter 7 - Superior Region Summary

    Chapter 8 - University Region Summary


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