Old M-28 / Rock River

MDOT Historic Bridge Old M-28 /Rock River

County: Baraga

City/Township: Covington Twp.

Location: Old M-28 / Rock River

Year Built: 1920

About this Bridge:
Crossing the Rock River in rural Covington Township, this medium-span concrete bridge carries Old M-28 about two miles east of the town of Covington. The structure is comprised of a single, 60-foot concrete through girder span, with arched ribs that rest on angled concrete brackets cantilevered from the concrete abutments. A series of concrete floor beams span between the two girders; these are cast integrally with the 22-foot-wide concrete deck. The arched girders feature typical MSHD detailing, with corbeled bulkheads and six panels recessed in the concrete spandrel walls. The Rock River Bridge is today in excellent condition, without alteration.

In 1923 engineers for the Michigan State Highway Department designed this medium-span concrete bridge from a standard plan that they had developed in the previous biennium. MSHD awarded a contract to build the bridge to the G.E. Warden Company of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Warden completed the bridge sometime before July 1924 for a total cost of $14,638.04.