12 Mile Rd. / Kalamazoo River

MDOT Historic Bridge 12 Mile Rd. / Kalamazoo River

County: Calhoun

City/Township: Ceresco

Location: 12 Mile Rd. / Kalamazoo River

Year Built: 1920

About this Bridge:
The 12 Mile Road Bridge is eligible for the National Register as a good example of a filled-spandrel concrete arch bridge with excellent historical integrity.

Calhoun County built the 12 Mile Road Bridge in 1920 as State Reward Bridge No. 53. Contractors for the project were L. Smith, H.A. Nichols, and M.C. Nichols, of Hastings, Michigan, who submitted a bid of $25,175 on 11 March of that year. The total project cost $35,070, of which the state paid half. The state highway department also supplied the plans for the structure, based on a standard design.