W. Second St. / Swartz Creek

West Second Street over Swartz Creek

County: Genesee

City/Township: Flint

Location: W. Second St. / Swartz Creek

Year Built: 1919

About this Bridge:
This long-span arch bridge carries West Second Street over Swartz Creek in a residential/industrial section of the city of Flint. The bridge is a 70-foot, filled spandrel a arch, with earth fill and an asphalt-surfaced roadway that is flanked on both sides by concrete sidewalks that cantilever on brackets over the arch’s spandrel walls. The heavily skewed, elliptically shaped arch springs from massive concrete abutments. It has a tapered arch ring, which is corbeled slightly from the spandrel on each side; the guardrails feature classical cast-concrete balustrades with paneled bulkheads. Other than moderate staining and spalling on the arch spandrels and rings, the West Second Street Bridge remains in essentially unaltered and physically good condition.

During the 1910s and the early 1920s the City of Flint built several concrete arch bridges to carry its streets over Thread Creek, Swartz Creek and the Flint River. Included among these were the Chevrolet Bridge, the Fenton Road Bridge, the Beach Garland Street Bridge and this bridge on West Second Street. The West Second Street Bridge was engineered in January 1919 by the Flint City Engineer’s Office, with designing and building Luten’s patented arches under a royalty agreement. The 70-foot, skewed arch on West Second Street featured typical Luten detailing, with its distinctive “horseshoe” arch profile, corbeled arch ring, cantilevered deck and cast-concrete balusters. The bridge was completed early in 1920 and has since carried vehicular traffic in essentially unaltered condition.