Lincoln Rd. / Pine River

Lincoln Rd. / Pine River

County: Gratiot

City/Township: Serville Twp.

Location: Lincoln Rd. / Pine River

Year Built: 1925

About this Bridge:
Constructed in 1921-1922 from a MSHD standard design, the structure is comprised of a pair of 90-foot, arched concrete through girders that rest on angled concrete brackets cantilevered from the skewed concrete abutments. A dozen concrete floor beams span between the two girders; these are cast integrally with the 20-foot-wide concrete deck. The arched girders feature typical MSHD detailing, with spandrel walls punctuated by five small arched cutouts aligned over a series of arched recessed panels. The lack of corbeled bulkheads at the girders’ ends illustrates the bridge’s early construction. Although the Lincoln Road Bridge suffers from severe concrete spalling and Armco guardrails have been installed at the approaches, it retains a relatively high degree of structural integrity.

The Michigan State Highway Department first developed plans for a long-span concrete through girder bridge with arched girders on cantilevered brackets in the 1921-22 biennium. “These designs have curved top chords and bottom chord brackets,” MSHD reported in its Ninth Biennial Report, making them suitable for relatively long-span applications. The first curved-chord girder was a 90-foot span built in 1922 over the Raisin River at Tecumseh. This was followed in the 1920s by a series of curved girders used in single-span or multiple-span configurations. Among the earliest of these new bridges was the span that MSHD designed in 1921 for the Pine Creek crossing in Gratiot County. The Lincoln Road structure, like the Tecumseh Bridge, featured a 90-foot span. Since its completion in 1922, the Lincoln Road Bridge has functioned in place, essentially unaltered. With its 1921-1922 construction date and its 90-foot span, it is today noteworthy as on of the earliest and longest remaining examples in Michigan of the MSHD-designed, arched through girder.