Kinneville Rd / Grand River

Kinneville Rd / Grand River

County: Ingham

City/Township: Onondaga

Location: Kinneville Rd / Grand River

Year Built: 1952

About this Bridge:
The Kinneville Road Bridge, which is skewed, is positioned on an east-west axis in a rural section of the county. Scattered homes are located near the site along the river, which is used fro recreational purposes. Standard State Highway Department railings, consisting of metal panels between metal posts with raised detailing, edge the roadway, terminating at concrete end posts with recesses on three sides. Bridge plates are displayed at the northeast and southwest corners. The wing walls are detailed with two incised lines near the top, identical to the bridge’s pier detailing.

This structure was built in 1952 as a federal aid secondary project. The previous bridge was a narrow, nine-panel Pratt truss. The current bridge has remained essentially unaltered since it was constructed. Plans were drawn by the Ingham County Road Commission, following state highway department specifications. Besides the plans, no other archival records were found.