Denton Rd. / Sparks Fnd. Park Pond

Denton Rd. / Sparks Fnd. Park Pond

County: Jackson

City/Township: Jackson

Location: Denton Rd. / Sparks Fnd. Park Pond

Year Built: 1931

About this Bridge:
As an important component of a significant park developed by a locally prominent family and because of its aesthetic design, the Denton Road Bridge is eligible for the National Register.

Sparks Foundation County Park and the Cascades Fountain are the creation of a local industrialist and former mayor of Jackson, William Sparks. He and his wife formed the William and Matilda Sparks Foundation to develop a recreation area from some swampland west of their home. Using engineers from their firm, the Sparks-Withington Company, as well as the American Park Builders of Chicago, they built an 18-hole golf course and Tudor-Revival-style clubhouse featuring sand-molded bricks and a roof sheathed with antique handmade tiles.

The park's central attraction was the Cascades Fountain, which was modeled after similar fountains in Barcelona, Spain. The display consisted of a series of over a dozen artificial waterfalls, as well as fountains in three oval reflecting pools. At night, the scene was dazzlingly illuminated by multi-colored lights. In 1944, the 465-acre park was given to the county by Mrs. Sparks, by then a widow, and today continues to be one of the area's major tourist attractions.

Presumably constructed in 1931, during the park's development, the ornamental Denton Road Bridge was designed to complement its surroundings while providing access to the area from the south side of Jackson. Aside from minor repair projects, the bridge has remained virtually unmodified since its erection.