Covered Br. Rd. / Flat River

Covered Br. Rd. / Flat River

County: Kent

City/Township: Vergennes Twp.

Location: Covered Br. Rd. / Flat River

Year Built: 1871

About this Bridge:
The Fallasburg Covered Bridge is located near Greenville in Kent County. This 100-foot, single span bridge, is fourteen feet wide between the trusses and twelve feet high from the floor to the top of the chord bracing.
Constructed around 1871 at a cost of $1,500 by local bridge builder Jared N. Bresee, the Fallasburg Bridge is one of only three covered bridges open to vehicular traffic in Michigan. Its rural location and quality construction contributed to its survival during a period when old covered bridges were being destroyed to make way for new road construction.

The bridge has lattice work trusses made of white pine timbers and a roof covered with cedar shake shingles. The roof and siding serve to protect bridge timbers from rot. Repairs in 1905, 1945, and again in 1994 have kept the bridge safe for traffic for one hundred years.