Sixth St./ Grand River

Sixth St./ Grand River

County: Kent

City/Township: Grand Rapids

Location: Sixth St./ Grand River

Year Built: 1886

About this Bridge:
The Sixth Street Bridge consists of four parallel cord, single intersection, through Pratt, high truss spans and measures 536 feet long. The wrought-iron truss supports a two lane roadway and is flanked by two external six-foot-wide sidewalks with ornamental railings. The Massillon Bridge Company designed and built the Sixth Street Bridge in 1886 at a cost of $31,000.

The Sixth Street Bridge was slated for demolition in 1975, but concerned citizens convinced authorities to save it. Today it holds the notoriety of being the longest and oldest metal truss bridge in the state and one of the few remaining examples of its type in the nation. The bridge retains its original function, and continues to provide transportation and link sections of Grand Rapids.