Thornapple R. Dr. / Thornapple River

Thornapple R. Dr. / Thornapple River

County: Kent

City/Township: Cascade Twp.

Location: Thornapple R. Dr. / Thornapple River

Year Built: 1927

About this Bridge:
The Thornapple River Drive bridge crosses the Thornapple River in Cascade Township, between the villages of Cascade and Ada. It is situated at an historic river crossing, where a covered bridge had previously been erected. This two-span bridge, with an overall length of 150 feet, is the fifth longest known surviving example of a concrete camelback bridge designed by the Michigan State Highway Department. It consists of two 75-foot spans of standard Highway Department design. The bridge was constructed using massive concrete reinforced steel girders, providing the structure with its distinctive arches. The interior of each arch is pierced with five openings occurring above a series of paired recessed panels, which provide a geometrical counterpoint to the bridges sweeping concrete arches.