Guidelines for Route Closure of a State Highway by a Local Governmental Agency

Route closures and detours shall be in compliance with the requirements of Act 200 PA 1969 and the promulgated Administrative Rules 81 through 83 (R247.281 -R247.285). The following is required:  

  • A Performance Resolution, (Form 2207A) designating authorized officials who may request permits.
  • A permit through MDOT's Construction Permit System (CPS) .
  • Individual Permit applicants shall submit the following on the permit application while Annual Permit holders shall submit the following through an Advance Notice; in both cases MDOT's CPS shall be used:
    • Time and date highway is to be closed to traffic.
    • Time and date highway is to be reopened to traffic.
    • A Traffic Control Plan.  All costs incurred for the maintaining of traffic, including but not limited to signs, barricades, police protection, etc are at the expense of the permit holder.
  • Each agency shall secure and submit to MDOT, resolutions from all affected jurisdictional bodies concurring to the detours.