Grading in State Highway Right-of-Way

Private parties may request to perform temporary or permanent minor grading in the State highway Right-of-Way. Minor grading is the addition or removal of no more than 10 cubic feet of fill or cut material along each linear foot of a longitudinally oriented State highway Right-of-Way reference line or arc.

Grading requests that exceed the “10 cubic foot limit” within the Limited Access Right-of-Way may be allowed in circumstances where the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) receives a tangible benefit, such as, better drainage or correcting an eroded embankment.

Applicants must submit an individual permit application package through the Construction Permit System (CPS) and ensure drainage has been addressed. 


For more information on the Construction Permit process, click here

All construction permit applications are submitted and purchased through the MDOT Permit Gateway available thru MiLogin online system.