Work Zone Safety and Mobility Policy for Construction and Utility Permits

Each permit applicant has the responsibility to ensure they are complying with Mobility and Safety Policy Requirements. When a permit application or an advance notice is submitted, the TSC construction permit staff will verify compliance and will deny permit applications or advance notices that do not comply.

In order to ensure compliance the permit applicant should follow the guidance provided in the Instructions to the Applicant and Mobility Flowchart for Permit Activities, (Form 2204C)

The Mobility Impact Map and the Work Zone Safety and Mobility Manual may be found at the Work Zone Safety and Mobility site.

When mitigation is necessary to ensure the traveling public has minimal impact from work being completed in the state highway right of way, the permit applicant may review the online construction permit system program to assist in determining the appropriate actions.

When work is being conducted in the state highway right of way, MDOT must be aware in order to notify the public of possible delays in the appropriate manner.

Mobility Impact Map
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