Structures, Tunnels and Bridges

Permit applications for the construction of structures, such as pedestrian bridges, grade separations, tunnels, or any other item that results in a structure over or under the State highway Right-of-Way, require a design review from the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT).

Applicants must submit an individual construction permit application package through Construction Permit System (CPS) with the following attachments:
  • A copy of the engineer's structural design calculations
  • Plans certified by a registered professional engineer
  • Other items as required to make a structural review such as a Geotechnical Report or structural details
Additionally, the following Special Conditions for Structures over State Highways apply:
  • The permit applicant shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) for any claims whatsoever resulting from the construction, maintenance, or removal of the structure authorized by this permit, from any claims for injuries to or death of any and all persons, for the loss or damage of property, and from environmental damage degradation, response, and cleanup costs resulting from the construction or presence of the structure authorized by this permit.
  • A right-of-way airspace lease agreement shall be required by MDOT prior to the placement of the structure over the state trunkline right-of-way.
  • All structures serving the public within state trunkline right-of-way shall comply with the Americans with Disability Act of1992. 
  • The clear height of the structure’s under-clearance above the traveled roadway and road shoulders shall meet a minimum under-clearance distance of 18 feet.
  • An approved permit shall be required prior to the erection of any part of the structure.


For more information on the Construction Permit process, click here

All construction permit applications are submitted and purchased through the MDOT Permit Gateway available thru MiLogin online system.