Construction Operations

Matt Bellgowan, Engineer of Construction Operations

Mary Nurenberg, Administrative Assistant


Responsible for construction operations processes and procedures, including direct oversight of soil erosion and sedimentation control (SESC) and density technology.


Thomas Killingsworth, Resource Specialist and Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)


Density Technology

Justin Foster, Transportation Technician

Art Koziarski, Transportation Technician


Field Operations Section

Responsible for construction field technical operations and the advancement of digital technology in construction including AASHTOWare Project Construction and Materials (APCM) and FieldManager applications, work zones, grading and drainage, pavement markings, guardrail, and survey technology of federal and state funded transportation projects. Responsible for administration of the MDOT Work Zone Safety and Mobility Manual.

Lindsey Renner, Field Operations Engineer


Construction Technology Unit

Promotes the use of current construction technologies. Investigates innovations and leading-edge technologies. Responsible for all policies, procedures, and practices, related to construction technology and administration. Provide recognized technical expertise in technologies related to construction administration applications (APCM & FieldManager). Responsible for the administration of the statewide Independent Assurance Test (IAT) program.

Daniel Burns, P.E., Construction Technology Engineer


Field Technology

Responsible for planning, scoping, investigating, analyzing, testing, training for new field technologies. Providing expertise and assisting field and other construction staff with implementing construction related technologies; setup, maintenance, and support of software applications in MDOT offices; and maintaining and supporting construction applications to the Michigan Transportation Industry.

Rick McGowan, Construction Technology Innovation Analyst


AASHTOWare Administration

Responsible for planning, scoping, analyzing, designing, developing, testing, training, and implementing construction and materials software; administering software contracts; set-up, maintenance, and support of software applications in MDOT offices; and maintaining and supporting construction applications to the Michigan Transportation Industry.

Kevin Lehman, Assistant Construction Technology Engineer - Construction

Morgan Zapata, Assistant Construction Technology Engineer - Materials

Olivia Cooper, Construction Management Software Analyst



Responsible for providing technical expertise for soil stability and slope restoration, grading, pipes and culverts, erosion prevention, drainage permits and horizontal boring techniques including trenchless installations.

Dave Gauthier, Grading and Drainage Engineer


Work Zone Management Unit

Promote current Work Zone Safety and Mobility Manual and accompanied guidance materials.  Coordinate work zone training programs to improve statewide consistency and safety of all customers.  Evaluate innovative products for work zone crash mitigation and traffic calming capabilities.  Responsible for all policies, procedures, and practices, related to work zone safety and mobility.

Chris Brookes, Work Zone Engineer

Chuck Bergmann, Work Zone Technician


Construction Contracts Unit

Responsible to manage and maintain MDOT construction documentation processes for federal and state funded transportation projects.  Prepares reports for the State Transportation Commission (STC) and as requested reports by the Michigan Legislature.  Responsible for receiving, reviewing, and processing all contract modifications and associated force accounts requiring Bureau of Field Services approval; processing freedom of information requests; oversees the Central Office Review (COR) process including contractor claim engagement; resolves Dispute Review Board (DRB) issues and DRB panel member coordination requirements; oversees contractor evaluation processes, including contractor appeal engagement; overseeing and conducting project record reviews; conducting certification of project engineers and office technicians; overseeing and monitoring wage and labor compliance program including LCP tracker, contractors' on-the-job training program, and construction subcontract compliance.

Mike DeBoer, Construction Contracts Engineer


Local Agency Construction Engineer

Provides expertise and support services to the administration and delivery of Local Agency Program (LAP) projects through risk mitigation and alignment of statewide LAP construction oversight including coordination with and training of internal & external partners.

Kelly Crannell, Transportation Engineer


Construction Staff Specialist (Construction Scheduling)

Brad Daavettila, Transportation Engineer


Contract Management

Adam Iding, Departmental Analyst


Subcontract Compliance

Chris Roe, Departmental Analyst


Prevailing Wage Compliance

Adam Strong, Transportation Technician


LCPtracker Support

By Consultant


Engineer Certification and Project Record Review

Mohammad Azam, Transportation Engineer


Construction Administration

Responsible for administration of the MDOT Construction Manual including coordination of all Division content changes and Division 1 content manager, subject matter expert for Buy America including related reference documents and provides expertise and support services to the administration of federal and state funded transportation projects.

Jason Clark, Construction Administration Engineer