Construction Operations

Matt Bellgowan, Construction Operations Engineer
Phone: (616) 690-6701, e-mail:

Mary Nurenberg, Secretary
Phone: (517) 322-5667, e-mail:

Construction Staff Specialist (Construction Scheduling)
Brad Daavettila, Transportation Engineer
Phone: (517) 322-6846, e-mail:

Operations Review / DBE
Responsible for overseeing and monitoring DBE construction activities and DBE program procedures; monitoring completion of project finals and contractor payments; and overseeing and monitoring contractors' on-the-job training program.

Vacant, Operation Reviews / DBE Field Engineer
Phone: (517) 256-8368,

Construction Administration Section
Responsible for construction administration programs, standards, guidelines and procedures and provides expertise and support services relative to the administration of federal and state funded transportation projects. Responsible for administration of the MDOT Construction Manual.

Jason Clark, Construction Administration Engineer
Phone: (517) 242-6378, e-mail:

  • Local Agency Construction Engineer

Kelly Crannell, Transportation Engineer
Phone: (517) 230-8500, e-mail:

  • Construction Contracts Unit

Responsible for the construction administration and documentation processes for the department's road and bridge construction program. Responsible for receiving, reviewing, and processing all contract modifications requiring Bureau of Field Service approval; processing freedom of information requests; processing requests for litigation information; processing and reviewing contractor evaluations, including contractor engagement; coordinating and overseeing the local agency final estimate review programs, project oversight, and field alignment of local agencies; overseeing and conducting project record reviews; conducting certification of project engineers; overseeing and monitoring wage and labor compliance program, contractors' on-the-job training program, and construction subcontract compliance.

Mike DeBoer, Construction Contracts Engineer
Phone: (517) 256-8368, e-mail:

  • Contract Management

Adam Iding, Department Analyst
Phone: (517) 636-6089, e-mail:

  • Subcontract Compliance

Chris Roe, Department Analyst
Phone: (517) 202-3716, e-mail:

  • Prevailing Wage Compliance

Adam Strong, Transportation Technician
Phone: (517) 719-7344, e-mail:

  • Engineer Certification and Project Record Review

Mohammad Azam, Transportation Engineer
Phone: (517) 636-0832, e-mail:

  • Construction Technology and Training Unit

Responsible for the administration of the statewide Independent Assurance Test (IAT) program. Promote the use of current construction technologies and coordinate technical training programs to improve statewide consistency. Investigate innovations and leading edge technologies. Responsible for all policies, procedures, and practices, related to construction technology and training administration. Provide recognized technical expertise in technologies related to construction administration and the construction training program.

Vacant, Construction Technology Manager
Phone: (517) xxx-xxxx, e-mail:

  • Independent Assurance Testing (IAT)

Robert Pena, Licensed Engineer
Phone: (517) 322-5198, e-mail:

  • FieldManager and AASHTOWare Software Administration

Responsible for planning, scoping, analyzing, designing, developing, testing, training, and implementing construction and materials software; administering software contracts; setup, maintenance, and support of software applications in MDOT offices; and maintaining and supporting construction applications to the Michigan Transportation Industry.

Dan Burns, Transportation Engineer
Phone: (517) 290-0000, e-mail:

Rick McGowan, Departmental Analyst
Phone: (313) 215-0167, e-mail:

Vacant, Department Technician
Phone: (517) xxx-xxxx, e-mail:

  • Bureau/Division Training

Responsible for developing, organizing, directing, and evaluating the bureau's technical training and managing the department's federal technical training funds.

Germaine Kowatch, Technical Training Coordinator
Phone: (517) 322-1741, e-mail:

Ginger Moore, Technical Training Coordinator
Phone: (517) 322-6792, e-mail:

  • Construction Quality Partnership (CQP)

Responsible for the CQP which is a comprehensive training initiative designed to deliver continuous improvement of Michigan's transportation system in the 21st century.

Kari Obrinske, Department Technician
Phone: (517) 322-1641, e-mail:

Geotechnical Services
Responsible for subsurface investigation, foundation design and analysis, boring crews, geosynthetic testing, statewide density program, soil testing and classification, geotechnical monitoring.

Dick Endres, Engineer of Geotechnical Services
Phone: (517) 322-1207, e-mail:

Carol Casteel, Secretary
Phone: (517) 322-5660, e-mail:

  • Foundation Design, Analysis and Soil Testing

Responsible for requests and questions regarding subsurface investigation, foundation design and analysis.

Ryan Snook, Foundation Analysis Engineer
Phone: (517) 322-5748, e-mail:

  • Geotechnical Engineering

Chris Johnecheck, Transportation Engineer
Phone: (517) 322-6179, e-mail:

Erron Peuse, Transportation Engineer
Phone: (517) 636-0636, e-mail:

  • Geotechnical Construction Support

Tony Pietrangelo, Transportation Engineer
Phone: (517) 322-1633, e-mail:

Joe Fox, Transportation Technician
Phone: (517) 636-6998, e-mail:

  • Laboratory Quality Control and Asset Management

Bethany Enright, Transportation Engineer
Phone: (517) 636-4815, e-mail:

  • Subsurface Investigations

Scott Henry, Geotechnical Field Employee
Phone: (517) 243-9275, e-mail:

Colton Keeler, Geotechnical Field Employee
Phone: (517) 285-2697, e-mail:

Mike Moon, Geotechnical Field Employee
Phone: (517) 242-6236, e-mail:

  • Soils Testing Laboratory

Kevin Beauchamp, Transportation Technician
Phone: (517) 322-1208, e-mail:

Doung Pham, Transportation Technician
Phone: (517) 322-5680, e-mail:

Brian Southworth, Transportation Technician
Phone: (517) 322-5680, e-mail:

  • Grading/Drainage

Dave Gauthier, Geotechnical Engineer
Phone: (517) 322-5710, e-mail:

Thomas Killingsworth, Resource Specialist
Phone: (517) 322-6450, e-mail:

  • Density Technology

Justin Foster, Density Technician
Phone: (517) 322-5714, e-mail:

Art Koziarski, Transportation Technician
Phone: (517) 322-6004, e-mail: