Previous Directors

Prior to 1964, MDOT was the State Highway Department and its director was known as the State Highway Commissioner.

 State Highway Commissioners Dates of Service
Horatio S. Earle 1905-1909
Townsend A. Ely 1909-1913
Frank F. Rogers 1913-1929
Grover C. Dillman 1929-1933
Murray D. VanWagoner 1933-1940
Donald Kennedy 1940-1942
Lloyd B. Reid 1942-1943
Charles M. Ziegler 1943-1957
John C. Mackie 1957-1964
 Department Directors Dates of Service
Howard E. Hill 1965-1967
Henrik E. Stafseth 1967-1972
John P. Woodford 1972-1982
James P. Pitz 1982-1991
Patrick M. Nowak 1991-1996
Robert Welke 1996-1997
James R. DeSana 1997-2001
Gregory J. Rosine 2001-2002
Gloria J. Jeff 2003-2006
Kirk T. Steudle 2006-2018
Mark A. Van Port Fleet 2018-2018
Paul C. Ajegba 2019-Current