Advisory Council Members

  • Suzanne Schulz, Chairperson
    The Michigan Municipal League
  • John Niemela, Vice Chairperson
    Road Commission Organization
  • Andrea Brown, Secretary
    Planning Organization
  • Kirk Steudle
    State Transportation Department
  • Rochelle Hurst
    Department of Community Health
  • Lieutenant Gary Megge
    Department of State Police
  • Angelynn Afendoulis
    State Transportation Commission
  • Megan Olds
    Environmental Organization
  • Carolyn Grawi
    Disabled Persons Organization
  • Robert Bacigalupi
    Public Transit Users Organization
  • Gary Piotrowicz
    Licensed Professional Engineer
  • Karen Kafantaris
    American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
  • Barbara Schmid
    League of Michigan Bicyclists
  • Rory Neuner
    Pedestrian Organization
  • Christopher White
    Michigan Public Transit Association
  • Ken Fletcher
    The Michigan Township Association
  • Steve DeBrabander
    Michigan Department of Natural Resources (non-voting)
  • James Tischler
    Michigan State Housing Development Authority (non-voting)


Advisory Council Contact Information