State Transportation Innovation Council

State Transportation Innovation Council logoThe Michigan State Transportation Innovation Council (MI-STIC) can bring together stakeholders that represent all those market forces and work together to lead innovation in their state transportation program to foster a collaborative culture for rapid implementation of meaningful innovations to efficiently deliver the public a modern high quality highway system. 


Please see the STIC Incentive Application - Sample for more information about the application process. Additionally, you can also review a completed proposal - MI-STIC Incentive Proposal-VPI


For more information on MDOT's STIC Program contact:

Carol Aldrich, P.E.
Engineer of Research
Phone: 517-282-6590
To learn more about the overall STIC program, please visit the FHWA's STIC Network website at:


MI-STIC Council 


MI-STIC Accomplishments

STIC Incentive Program: Michigan Awards

See what MDOT projects were awarded for their innovation by the FHWA STIC council. 


Innovator: MDOT Highlights

Read highlights of MDOT innovations, featured in FHWA's publication, Innovator.



Content last updated: 12/11/2019