MDOT 101 Training Manual

MDOT 101 Training Manual

Section 1 documents

Section 2 document - State Operating Formula Percentages

Section 3 documents

Section 4 documents

• OPT Triennial Review Compliance Checklists

• DOT’s 10 Steps to Collection Site Security and Integrity
• Mock Collection Checklist
• Service Animal Policy sample
• Portable Oxygen Policy sample
• Cost Allocation Plan Procedures and samples
• Demand Response vs Charter Service
• Federal Charter Guidance
• FTA Charter Registration website
• Appendix A to Part 604—Listing of Human Service Federal Financial Assistance Programs
• Qualified Human Service Organization Registration Process
• Vehicle Maintenance Plan sample
• Procurement Guidelines for MDOT Grantees
• Third Party Contract Template
• FTA Public Transportation and School Buses Q&A