First Automated Bus Performance Specification Completed

The Automated Bus Consortium, a collective of transit and state agencies formed to investigate the feasibility of implementing pilot automated bus projects, has completed the country’s first-ever automated bus performance specification. Michigan, with participation from the Michigan Department of Transportation and PlanetM, has been playing a key role in the consortium. Michigan hosted an industry forum in September 2019 to bring together consortium members, vehicle manufacturers and automated technology firms, and MDOT will be the lead agency in the bus procurement. Michigan plans to pilot the automated buses in Ingham and Huron counties.

The specification combines the American Public Transportation Association’s white book for standard bus specification with the new full-size bus automated driving system requirements developed by AECOM, the consulting firm that formed the consortium, and the consortium’s Bus Specification Technical Committee. The specification phases in required automated bus capabilities over three stages, with each stage providing a higher level of bus automation through software updates over a two-year period.

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