Real Estate Guidance and Information

Any real estate activities on a project receiving federal funding on any part of the project must follow 23 CFR 610 and 49 CFR Part 24. MDOT Real Estate assists, monitors, reviews, manages and approves the acquisition of all local public agency right of way throughout the state to ensure compliance with state and federal laws and regulations. 

Documents and Guidance

FHWA Real Estate Acquisition Guide for Local Public Agencies
FHWA LPA Toolkit
23 CFR Parts 635, 710, 810
49 CFR Part 24 - Uniform Act
MDOT's Real Estate Quick Reference Guide
Real Estate Procedure Manual
Michigan Uniform Condemnation Procedures Act


Local Public Agency Parcel Checklist


Donation to Local Public Agency - Form 3736
Waiver of Appraisal - Form 631


What to do When your Project Needs Right-of-Way Parcels​
NHI Course 141045 - Real Estate Acquisition under the Uniform Act
NHI Course 141047 - Local Public Agency Real Estate Acquisition

Booklets for Property Owners

Public Roads & Private Property Booklet
Your Rights & Benefits Booklet
FHWA Acquiring Real Property for Federal and Federal-aid Programs and Projects

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