If I sell my sign, how can I transfer the permits?

Signs may be bought or sold without prior approval by MDOT. The transfer shall be initiated on-line by the current owner, with the new owner accepting the transfer. If the new owner does not currently have an account, instructions for registration may be found at the following page: click here. When the permit transfer is accepted by the new owner and the proper fee(s) are paid, MDOT personnel will approve the transfer.

In accordance with Section 252.307(4) of the Highway Advertising Act of 1972, as amended, a transfer fee of $100 shall be assessed for each permit requested to be transferred, up to a maximum of $500 for a request that identifies five or more permits. If the department incurs additional costs directly attributable to special and unique circumstances associated with the requested transfer, the department may assess a transfer fee greater than the maximums identified in this subsection to recover those costs incurred by the department.