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Five-Year Transportation Program

HMA paving in I-69 Lapeer County
Department of Transportation

Five-Year Transportation Program

The annual Five-Year Transportation Program (5YTP) is intended to present MDOT's planned investments across all modes as early in the planning process as possible to support successful program delivery, encourage local coordination, and guarantee opportunities for meaningful public engagement.

The 5YTP is updated annually with the intent to present the public with the opportunity to provide input on our progress toward creating and maintaining an equitable, resilient, and sustainable transportation system, as well as challenges we face in meeting those objectives.

View the Approved 2024-2028 5YTP or visit the 5YTP interactive map to view the 2024-2028 projects in this year’s program.

Current 5YTP includes:

  • Program requirements and process overview,
  • Featured projects coming soon,
  • Revenue assumptions and investment strategies,
  • Fiscal Year 2024 investment focus for all modes,
  • An analysis of economic benefits from highway and multimodal program investments,
  • Updates on performance measures and goals,
  • A summary of public outreach, engagement, and comments received on the program, and
  • A list of planned road and bridge projects and MDOT region contact information.

5YTP Focus Areas

This year’s program has three focus areas: equity and inclusion, transportation resiliency, and better pedestrian and bicycle accommodations in conjunction with MDOT’s Complete Streets program. These focus areas, while each having their own goals and objectives, are not mutually exclusive. Learn more about projects contributing to these areas in this year's 5YTP.

Equity and Inclusion graphic showing three different colored generic people icons.

Equity & Inclusion

These are select projects in the 5YTP that work to ensure inclusion in the planning process and where equitable distribution of benefits are a major focus. Examples include consideration of affordable, accessible and reliable transportation options, analysis and mitigation of adverse environmental health conditions, and safety.

Transportation Resilience showing an icon of a green car driving.

Transportation Resilience

These are projects in the 5YTP that contribute to safety and sustainability and reduce vulnerability of critical assets. Examples include those with anticipated positive impacts in areas such as air quality, energy efficiency and improved emergency response.

Complete Streets/Multimodal icon of a bus and a person with a bike.

Complete Streets/Multimodal

These are projects in the 5YTP that include enhancements of nonmotorized and active transportation connections, such as protected bicycle lanes, multi-use paths, transit amenities, and public art.

Annual 5YTP Process

The development of the 5YTP is a multi-stage process that connects the goals, objectives, policies, and programs of statewide planning with input from the public.

Featured Region & Major Highway Projects

An overview of featured region and major highway projects and their contributions to MDOT’s focus areas.

Featured Public Transportation & Aeronautics Projects

An overview of the department’s major public transportation projects and innovations and how they contribute to MDOT’s focus areas.

Revenues, Investment Strategies & Economic Impacts

An overview of revenue assumptions, planned investments and economic benefits for the trunkline highway and multimodal programs.

Rebuilding Michigan Program

An overview of the Rebuilding Michigan Program, focused on rebuilding state highways and bridges that are critical to the state’s economy and carry the most traffic.

Requests for additional documents and other questions or comments can be submitted to