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Complete Streets Advisory Council

Complete Streets legislation (Public Acts 134 and 135), signed on Aug. 1, 2010, gives new project planning and coordination responsibilities to city, county and state transportation agencies across Michigan. The legislation defines Complete Streets as "roadways planned, designed, and constructed to provide appropriate access to all legal users...whether by car, truck, transit, assistive device, foot or bicycle."

The law further requires Complete Streets policies be sensitive to the local context, and consider the functional class, cost, and mobility needs of all legal users. The primary purpose of these new laws is to encourage development of Complete Streets as appropriate to the context and cost of a project.

To further assist this purpose, Public Act 135 provides for the appointment of a Complete Streets Advisory Council, comprised of representatives from 18 statewide government and non-government stakeholder agencies. The Complete Streets Advisory Council will provide education and advice to the State Transportation Commission, county road commissions, municipalities, interest groups, and the public on the development, implementation, and coordination of Complete Streets policies.